branding // what’s your story?

We spend hours on end designing brands for our clients that exude confidence, professionalism and the ‘Ooooo’ factor. The brands we create are designed with passion, creativity and many hours of research. Who knew finding the perfect font could take HOURS?

So what is a brand? A brand overall is a set of elements that tie in together to look and feel cohesive. Almost like a set of emotions and ideas that consumers associate with. In addition, it allows people to understand your product and helps your company stand out from the competitors. 

Most importantly, a brand is so much more than just a good looking logo, branding is about an experience. You want your clients to feel your brand, your offerings and your services, not just see them.

As well as branding and logo design, we offer ongoing creative support for extended graphic design services. Scroll down to read ‘Graphic Design Services // Fill the skills gap’ for a list of projects we work on.

Click here to read First Impressions Last: Why Creating your Logo is Just the Beginning to understand the importance of branding and how to get it right.

graphic design services // fill the skills gap

Research shows that one common problem within busy companies is being understaffed or having skill gaps within the team. So that’s where we come in. Pinnacle Design Studio specialise in high-end graphic design services and print management for companies who need creative support. We deliver design and print solutions directly to our clients effectively and within budget. Furthermore, we work closely to assist in all areas of visual branding when needed and work on an adhoc basis.

Here are three main reasons why our clients work with us:

01 // Cost effective solutions to the creative skill gaps within internal design teams or companies. We work on an adhoc basis and eliminate the need for clients to hire full-time employees. 

02 // We have the capability and experience to lead projects from start to finish, giving clients the opportunity to delegate the creative and allow more time to perform the tasks they excel at.

03 // The flexibility and reassurance that we bring to our clients. We pride ourselves on great communication and problem solving; we are often known as ‘life savers’.

So what type of projects do we work on?

+ Branding projects for companies and/or campaigns
+ Brand style guides
+ Production of business stationery, such as business cards, letterheads, with comp slips
+ Annual reports and client brochures / booklets
+ Marketing collateral, such as flyers, signage, merchandise
+ Digital ebooks and magazines
+ Social media imagery, such as profile icons, cover photos, adverts/posts
+ Website graphics, such as web banners, web adverts, infographics
+ Mailchimp and PowerPoint template design
+ Print management for all of the above

Most importantly when working with established brands, it is critical that brand consistency is maintained throughout the creative process. This is a key factor for all aspects of marketing. Therefore we always take into account previous design and print work to ensure the clients image/brand is not affected in anyway.

print management // managing the ink

Pinnacle Design Studio manage the quoting process, prepress and supplier management on behalf of our clients to ensure print campaigns run smoothly and jobs are delivered ontime. In addition, we liaise with trader printers throughout Australia to negotiate cost reduction initiatives for our clients on a job to job basis.

The good news is that despite everyone’s obsession with digital, print is still a very effective way of marketing. In fact, read why print is experiencing a long awaited comeback.

Another thing to consider is the quality of printed brand collateral, it is just as important as the design itself. While a great looking design looks amazing on screen, it needs to be followed through with high-end quality when printed. As a result, this immediately gives clients a good first impression and instant trust.  

With over 12+ years of print management experience, Pinnacle Design Studio can assist with high-volume print campaigns, letterbox runs, Point of Sale (POS), annual reports and brochures, merchandise and standard brand collateral such as business cards and letterheads. 

Furthermore, we understand budgets. Due to the connections we have with trade printers throughout Australia, we always source multiple quotes to ensure our clients are getting the best buy price. It’s never too late to compare print pricing and look into cost reduction initiatives. So click on the button below to enquire All quotes are provided obligation free.


website design // a must-have

Websites are an obvious must-have for any business. They are almost always the first place potential clients go when wanting to know more information about a company.

All of our websites are custom designed using WordPress. WordPress is considered to be one of the most versatile website platforms in the world. Due to the fact they are easy to maintain, easy for clients to edit themselves at the end of the design process (which saves money) and much loved by Google (which essentially means better SEO). Most importantly, our approach to website design is to ensure design consistency, create a cohesive structure with branding assets and create a professional outlook that is properly optimised to bring in potential clients.

Did you know that it takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for people to form an opinion about a website? And those first impressions can depend of many factors: Structure, colours, fonts, spacing, imagery, loading time, etc. It truly does take an expert or someone with a designer eye to get these factors right. 

For free advice on a current website, click on the button below for a FREE website design review with one of our designers. We will give honest feedback and suggestions on how to improve the website.

“Working with Pinnacle is always an absolute pleasure. They’re a small, intimate team, which means you get great service from the people who run the business – not just flicked down to the junior which tends to happen with bigger companies. The quality is always high and they put the planning and thinking-time in at the start, involving you in the process throughout the project, to make sure the outcome is thoughtful and strategic, while also being beautiful and creative.” Tim O'Halloran

Director, The Shape Agency