Everyone is going digital these days, but this doesn’t mean you should forget about traditional marketing as well. When you are building your marketing strategy, try to not fall the victim of the mass hysteria of digital media and carefully assess all your options. The online world is already overloaded with messages, information, advertising and posts and you don’t want to be just another company that no one cares about. How many times do you open your inbox in the morning and ‘delete, delete, delete’ all the subscription emails that come in, without even looking at them?

The good news is that despite everyone’s obsession with digital, there are other highly effective ways of marketing, and print is one of them. In fact, print is experiencing a long awaited comeback! If you stopped using print you should reconsider as soon as possible, because print is a powerful marketing tool that can help you stand out from competitors, communicate your brand’s image, relay beautiful designs and build emotional connection with your customers.

Here are all the reasons why print is coming back:



The print space is simply less crowded – there are less competitors, customers are more relaxed and more open when they are offline and there is a certain nostalgia about print. Standing out from competitors can be a challenge these days and print is a great way to find your niche in the world filled with online advertisements.

Also, nowadays, people are bombarded with messages online, so they try to find refuge and peace offline. That’s why they react better to print – they enjoy print experiences and believe that print won’t be used to sell them anything.



Print has been here for so long, that it is hard to imagine our lives without it. Weather you like reading books or magazines, you know that print is a trustworthy and reliable source of information and knowledge. That’s the reputation that print gained over thousands of years.

If you are trying to advertise a new business, print brings a level of trust that no digital media can match. Besides, when targeting the older generation print could be the only medium you can use because older people rarely have access to other resources.



With the arrival of digital media we have all become very unattentive to details. We skim through articles online and pick up only a few pieces of information here and there. Also, learning by reading online is a lot harder than learning from a book.

When reading print media people don’t feel the need to jump to another browser tab or reply to a facebook message. There are no distractions at all and you can be sure your information will be read from start to finish.



A lot of people can’t give up printed books. You might be wondering why, but one of the main reason people prefer printed books over digital books is the tactile experience. You can smell the ink and feel the edges of the pages when you read. Customers love those emotional experiences and we all miss those feelings now that everything is digital.

When you advertise in print or produce printed marketing materials, you can choose what brand image you want to project by picking the right kind of paper and finishing. You can be very creative with print too. Print comes in any shape and form and shows the true colours of design.



For some brands print is the only way to communicate the right brand image. Luxury brands, especially, need to use print to maintain their high scale image. For example, the details of high couture clothing is very hard to see on the screen, but they can be perfectly outlined in print.

You can also ensure the colours are always right in print, which is hard to do in online media. If you’d like people to take you seriously, there is no better way to market yourself but in print.



Have you ever thought about why you choose one product over another at the supermarket? The decisions that we make are influenced both by the product and the packaging. And sometimes a great packaging overweighs all other factors such as product ingredients, our personal preferences and even the price. You might not notice but beautiful packaging can be so powerful, that you end up buying a product you didn’t intend to buy. 



As you can see, print is here to stay. Yes, print might have been overshadowed by digital in the last couple of years, but it is experiencing a revival now. So get on the bandwagon and try to incorporate printed elements into your business to enhance your brand experience. Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Business stationery – business cards, with comp slips, presentation folders and letterheads
  • Product packaging and shopping bags
  • Thank you cards to clients
  • Swing tags
  • Promotional items such as flyers, brochures and banners
  • Custom merchandise, such as t-shirts, rulers, pens, etc
  • Annual reports
  • Postcards for special occasions 
  • Custom printed notebooks

New strategies appear everyday and it seems like the world now lives in a virtual reality. Of course, a lot of practices become outdated with time and you must stay on top of all the new trends. But you shouldn’t discount the past either. Just like vintage style is widely popular nowadays, print remains a very effective marketing tool that can give you an edge in the digital world and help your company stand out.



If you are thinking of ‘bringing print back’ in your business, get in contact the team at Pinnacle Design Studio. We have over 12 years experience in design and print production, and can help bring your next print marketing strategy to life.